• Day One
    Monday, March 30th
    12:00 - 13:00
    Lunch at Incontro
    14:30 - 14:45
    Fika Break
    14:45 - 16:00
    Workshop 2: Pamela Nowell - "Entrepreneurial Teamwork" (in English)
    Pamela has experience in entrepreneurship from multiple perspectives: a co-founder (2012) and former business developer for the med-tech start-up Stayble Therapeutics, a founder (2014) and current project manager for the budding Nordic Entrepreneurship Community, and a current PhD candidate at Chalmers University of Technology studying entrepreneurial teamwork. Originally from Canada, Pamela has lived, worked and studied in Sweden since 2009. Join her for a fun and interactive workshop where you will meet start-up teams, spark your self and social awareness, and develop your entrepreneurial teamwork capabilities.
    16:00 - 16:30
    16:30 - 17:45
    Opening ceremonies with Anneli Hulthén / Björn Flintberg - "Kraschen" (in English)
    Björn Flintberg is the former marketing director who left his management position in a publically listed company after a car crash to become an entrepreneur. In 2010 he started up his life's dream: Building a large mobile IT company. Success followed success and the sky was the limit. Three years later, the company was bankrupt and he had filed for divorce. Refusing to yield his spirit as entreprenur, Flintberg didn't give up. Instead, he collected his experiences and wrote a book on failure and bankruptcy. Now he challenges the government to adopt a national strategy for handling failure and wash away the shame and guilt stamp of failing in entrepreneurial ventures.
    18:00 - 19:00
    Workshop 3: Lotta Lehikoinen - Pitch technique (in English)
    How to get an idea across and get the target group onboard? This session provides you with guidance, an opportunity to practice you skills and receive feedback on your pitch. During this workshop you will be presented with a concrete tool for building a well-structured pitch. Together with the group you will work towards creating an effective and attractive pitch with your target audience in mind. Your workshop host is Lotta Lehikoinen, Business developer at Drivhuset. For the last six years she has been working with a broad range entrepreneurs, ideas and start-ups. From freelance designers to consultancies, from clean tech innovations to consumer Apps. With a holistic view, focus on customer value and sustainable business models she has guided hundreds of entrepreneurs further in their ventures. Welcome!
    19:30 -
    Dinner at John Scott's Palace
  • Day Two
    Tuesday, March 31st
    09:00 - 11:45
    JWEF Talks: Niklas Lundell / Lina Areblad / Emy Blixt (in English)
    Emy Blixt is the founder of the celebrated international fashion company Swedish Hasbeens. In a world full of massproduction, Emy has through “learning by doing” and no investors built a strong fashion brand that values Swedish tradition, quality and the environment. Come and listen Emy’s inspiring story on how she made swedish clogs to an international success and how you get celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Minouge and Sienna Miller to wear Swedish Hasbeens. Lina Areblad, only 23 years old managed to get her dream job as a Marketing Manager at UBER Sweden. Stockholm is now her new hometown but Gothenburg will always be her favorite city. Lina started her entrepreneurial mindset trough JA-YEs Company Program in high school. Since then Lina managed her own social media agency House Of Conversation, specialised in digital and social media. Lina will give you some inside stories from her time at UBER and share her thoughts on how to be ready when opportunity knocks on the door. Niklas Lundell is a 33 year old entrepreneur from Stockholm, Sweden. He has worked in the music industry his entire life but is always striving to branch out and reach and affect other industries and targets. Along with others he was one of the core team and instigators behind music festivals Way Out West and Stockholm Music & Arts. Together with his long term wing mate Joel Borg he has now founded a creative and independent hub for interacting brands, fans and artists. Borg & Lundell co-owns the new record label Woah Dad! and with excellence in communications on a variety of platforms focuses on young adults in an alternative and sustainable way, finding solutions that credibly connect content holders, customers and brands.
    12:00 - 13:00
    13:00 - 14:00
    Navid Modiri - "Allt är påhittat" (in Swedish)
    Föreläsaren Navid Modiri är född i Iran och uppvuxen i Sverige. Han har ätit kattmat, hoppat fallskärm, spelat golf med kontroversiella partiledaren för Sverigedemokraterna, åkt ut till Nevadaöknen med 70 000 personer för att leka och är idag en av Sveriges mest anlitade föreläsare på ämnet kreativitet. Hans blogg ”365 saker du kan göra” hade en miljon läsare under 2009, samma år blev han vald till årets kommunikatör och han vann också Stora Bloggpriset i Sverige. Allt du ser runtomkring dig är påhittat av andra människor. Den värld vi lever i är ett direkt resultat av mänsklig kreativitet. Hur kan du bli bättre på att hitta på och vara kreativ?
    14:30 - 16:30
    Pitch Contest Final (in English/Swedish)
    Come and listen to our finalists in the Pitch Contest! Six finalists will during the day pitch before a jury and audience on JWEF Gothenburg. We’ll have the chance to listen to awesome pitches by driven entrepreneurs with different business ideas. There’ll also be inspiration, meetings and goodie bags!


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