Lotta Lehikoinen

How to get an idea across and get the target group onboard?

This session provides you with guidance, an opportunity to practice you skills and receive feedback on your pitch.

During this workshop you will be presented with a concrete tool for building a well-structured pitch. Together with the group you will work towards creating an effective and attractive pitch with your target audience in mind.

Your workshop host is Lotta Lehikoinen, Business developer at Drivhuset. For the last six years she has been working with a broad range entrepreneurs, ideas and start-ups. From freelance designers to consultancies, from clean tech innovations to consumer Apps. With a holistic view, focus on customer value and sustainable business models she has guided hundreds of entrepreneurs further in their ventures.


Lotta Lehikoinen’s workshop “Pitch technique”¬†will be held in English on Monday, March 30th, 18:00 – 19:00 in G2.