Niklas Lundell

Niklas Lundell is a 33 year old entrepreneur from Stockholm, Sweden. He has worked in the music industry his entire life but is always striving to branch out and reach and affect other industries and targets.

Along with others he was one of the core team and instigators behind music festivals Way Out West and Stockholm Music & Arts. Together with his long term wing mate Joel Borg he has now founded a creative and independent hub for interacting brands, fans and artists. Borg & Lundell co-owns the new record label Woah Dad! and with excellence in communications on a variety of platforms focuses on young adults in an alternative and sustainable way, finding solutions that credibly connect content holders, customers and brands.

Niklas Lundell’s talk will be held in English on Tuesday, March 31st, 09:00 – 11:45 in Kongresshallen.